Onsite Laundry creates a high fire risk from electrical wiring to spontaneous combustion.

This not only can cause increased rates in insurance premium but most importantly it can put your employees, neighbors and first responders in danger.
MDI has an easy affordable solution! MDI has teamed up with Aramark for an exclusive pricing nationwide through The Upton Group, LLC Only. The basic program is for Aprons and Cleaning Towels. To get pre tax pricing you may enter your quantities needed to be delivered each week to a store. The pricing shown will be pre tax when applicable.
Each store will receive a FREE Laundry Bag and a FREE Laundry Bag Stand. The cleaning towels are white. Aprons are Black. Aprons do not have a Domino’s logo but they do meet Dominion’s standards. The Upton Group will handle the initial registration.
  • Across the country one low price.
  • 3 Year Contract with Easy Out on based on service issues.
  • One time setup fee equal to 2 weeks service.
  • But Aramark will give 3 FREE weeks of service credited after 60 days.
  • Leaving you with One Full Week Completely FREE!